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The Wedding Dance

Your First Dance As A Married Couple

Your first Dance as Husband and Wife! A truly intimate and personal moment in time! There are many special , memorable moments throughout the course of this day of all days, Your Wedding! The walk down the aisle, the exchange of vows, the giving of the rings, your first kiss as a married couple, the pronouncement, it is a day filled with precious, personal memories, to be treasured for a lifetime! As you move from the ceremony to the reception, a whole other group of new and wonderful experiences await you! Not the least of which is your first Dance as Husband and Wife. In most cases the party has begun before you arrive. Your guests and Family are eating , drinking, and socializing but all in anticipation of Your arrival! The real party doesnt start until You get there! The scene is set! Your Master of Ceremonies calls the attention of your guests as You prepare to make your Grand Entrance! All eyes are on You, all hearts are with You! As you glide into the room, arm in arm, hand in hand, heart in heart to the applause and cheers and whistles of your family and friends, you move onto the Dance Floor for your first Dance! This is not a performance, or a show for your guests! Rather, it is a personal expression of who you are together! Everything in your history together that has brought you to be in this place at this time, committing yourselves to each other for a lifetime! Your hopes and dreams for your future together! All of the emotions that you are feeling right then, and they are many; passion , romance, anticipation, excitement, accomplishment, nervousness, Love, the list goes on and it is unique to you! No one else has felt what you are feeling in the way you are feeling it!

Your first dance embodies all of this and more! You want to Dance in your emotions and all that you are feeling! As you move into your Dance, time stands still! It is both an eye-blink and an eternity at the same time! The two of you whirling ,twirling, gliding, stepping to a song that speaks to both of your hearts as they speak to each other! Your guests look on as you Dance, sharing in your joy and feeling the glow of your love, but it is not for them that you Dance! It is for you! These are the people in your life, that you love, and  that love you! You have invited them to share in this moment and to be a witness to it, but the moment belongs to you! It is a time to be savored, a time to be cherished for a lifetime!

Dance lessons for your Wedding is something that many couples contemplate. In the vast array of plans, preparations, and arrangements, it is also something that is easily moved down the checklist in favor of other things! However, the significance and value of quality Dance Instruction should not discounted or taken lightly! The poise and confidence that come with mastering the Dance and the Dance Floor, spill naturally over into all other areas of your life! It is a skill that you can take with you throughout the rest of your life! Partner style Dancing is also something that does not require any prerequisite skills! If you can walk you can Dance! Lastly, Dancing is a wonderful, fun experience you can share with each other whenever and wherever there is music playing!

One other important consideration to take here is, to videotape your First Dance. While you may not see the significance of it now, let me say this; 10 years down the road when you have 4 kids and life is driving you crazy, and youre wondering , Why did we do this? You can pop in the video, and it will take you back to that magic time, and youll remember why, and more importantly, you will remember how you felt! My wife, Teresa and I watch our video every now and then. Our kids like watching it, even though they make jokes about it! But,  I still remember exactly how she felt in my arms as we whirled and twirled, glided and stepped our way through Anne Murrays beautiful  Waltz Could I Have This Dance For The Rest Of My Life! May God bless your marriage as He has blessed mine! - Geno

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